Dear Mentees and Mentors,

Welcome to the Mentoring Program at New York University Division of Libraries! The program is an integral component of the Dual Master’s Degree Program, which is jointly sponsored and administered by Long Island University’s Palmer School of Library and Information Science and New York University’s Graduate School of Arts and Science. For administrative forms, schedule, and policies related to the Dual Master’s Degree Program click here.

The purpose of this partnership is to educate scholar librarians, who are essential to the successful transitioning of libraries into the 21st century. To quote from an Educause interview with Cliff Lynch: “…librarians are going to need much deeper disciplinary expertise and also information technology expertise than they typically have.” (“Advancing Scholarship & Intellectual Productivity: An Interview with Clifford A. Lynch,” in Educause Review (March/April 2006), p. 54)

The Philosophy and Values section includes: the program’s Mission Statement; the Mentor-Mentee Relationship on the responsibilities and qualities expected from both parties to make the mentoring experience into a success; Outcomes and Evaluation (pre-test and post-test) describes the process of mentee evaluation; the form used to evaluate the program and mentors; and finally, the mandate and membership of the Mentoring Advisory Committee, which develops and oversees the program.

The Mentoring Program aims to balance a required core body of knowledge with a level of flexibility to customize the mentoring experience to the needs of the individual mentee.
The program, earning 4 credits for 160 mentoring hours, is taken over the entire course of studies toward the 2 master’s degrees. All incoming dual degree students are expected to begin the mentoring program in the fall semester. Each student is assigned a mentor who guides and coordinates all mentoring activities, which are documented in the Portofolio. The Portfolio is designed as a “living” document, which describes in detail the mentee’s work in the dual degree program. It includes an outline of academic and module progress and documents the mentee’s assessment of the various modules and individual projects. All mentees are required to cover 4 core learning modules, totaling 110 hours. The remaining 50 mentoring hours can be covered through a combination of elective learning modules, additional work in any of the core modules, or internships in other New York City cultural or academic institutions.
Dual Degree students in the Archives and Public History Program will complete a modified series of modules for their mentoring.



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