Philosophy and Values


Mentoring is a collaborative relationship between an experienced librarian and a Library School student. It is conceived as an integrating experience that will introduce the student to the profession, combining formal learning, such as coursework and academic advising, and informal learning, such as internships, readings, discussions, etc. It is a requirement toward successful completion of the M.S.L.I.S./M.A. Dual Degree Program and carries 4 credits. To achieve its fullest learning potential mentoring will take place in a supportive and nurturing environment. While it is a structured, one-to-one relationship that combines core with elective activities it offers sufficient flexibility to fit the needs of the individual student. Through the mentoring experience the student will receive an overview and hands-on experience of the requirements and expectations of librarians within academia and other cultural institutions, such as museums, archives, etc. The library profession will gain professionals who offer strong subject expertise coupled with a richer understanding of the library within the larger cultural environment.

A successful mentoring program requires:

  • Written administrative and program procedures
  • A structure flexible enough to accommodate customization and creativity
  • Resources necessary to implement the program
  • Program evaluation and ongoing assessment
  • Defined mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities
  • Appropriate process to match mentor and mentee
  • Competencies and examples of outcomes
  • Description of core activities and elective activities for various library settings

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