Module 2 – 1st Year (Reference & Instructional Services)

Reference & Instructional Services

1. Competencies: Service Philosophy

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the RUSA Guidelines for Behavioral Performance and their application in reference encounters
  • Become comfortable in conducting reference Interviews on various levels of difficulty
  • Know and negotiate reference venue-specific behavior and communication issues:

Suggested Tasks/Projects

  • Gradually move from desk (physical and virtual) observation to participation
  • Observe/participate in a variety of service desk environments (Reference Centers, AFC, Computer Center, Library Privileges, etc.)
  • Participate in role-playing sessions to test desk scenarios

2. Competencies: Reference / Research Process

  • Understand information seeking behavior, particularly the role of the librarian in the process
  • Have an understanding of the essence and differences of the research processes employed in the 3 disciplines
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the research process of the subject specialty
  • Be familiar with the literature of the field in the subject specialty
  • Know the main information resources of the subjects/disciplines outside the subject specialty

3. Competencies: Teaching

  • Be thoroughly familiar with Information Literacy concepts
  • Gain an overview of the essences of different learning styles
  • Be familiar with library instruction focused on learning outcomes

Suggested Tasks/Projects

  • Prepare a course-specific lesson plan
  • Experiment with content for different learning styles:
    • In-class
    • Online tutorial
    • Tutorial for mp3/4 players
  • Develop an assessment component
  • Create a research/subject guide

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