Mentee Responsibilities and Expectations


  1. Meets with and communicates with mentor on a regular basis, providing information and updates on his/her progress in classes, projects, internships, etc.
  2. Maintains engagement with mentor and is responsive to mentor input and suggestions.
  3. Expects confidentiality, trust, and respect in relationship with mentor.
  4. Provides constructive feedback on program’s effectiveness.


  • Self-motivated and curious
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Ability to prioritize projects and deadlines within an intensive learning environment
  • Open, receptive, and engaged with process of learning in all of its aspects.

Mentor Qualities and Mentor Responsibilities and Expectations

Responsibilities and Expectations

  1. Communicates with the student’s academic advisors, the internship supervisor, and other key people in the student’s education
  2. Communicates with the Library Advisory Committee
  3. Proactive in building and bridging relationships with mentee and other key contacts
  4. Provides assistance toward professional involvement on the local and national levels
  5. Helps mentee integrate coursework, independent study, internship, and other professional development into a coherent, wholistic experience
  6. Monitors mentee’s formal training, practical experience, and other program-related activities, to ensure well-roundedness, consistent with mentee’s interests
  7. Evaluates student’s performance
  8. Spends an average of 6 hours of contact time per month with mentee (includes in-person meetings, email, telephone, etc.)
  9. Acknowledges the need for trust, respect, and confidentiality in the mentor-mentee relationship
  10. Appropriately refers issues that are beyond the scope of mentoring


  • Willing to commit to the time, responsibilities, and agreed-upon boundaries of the mentoring relationship
  • Needs to be professionally engaged
  • Serves as a role model by demonstrating professional competence
  • Well-connected to local professional community (internship placements, etc.)
  • Possesses an understanding of the larger picture
  • Demonstrates good communication and listening skills
  • Able to facilitate; “ask the right questions,” not necessarily provide the answers
  • Able to offer criticism as well as constructive feedback
  • Is open, receptive, supportive, and empathetic
  • Demonstrates strong teaching abilities
  • Matches to some degree mentee’s academic and library interests

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